Juneteenth: The Son of a Slave Reflects on the America He Sees Today

By Martin Dobrow

From the driver’s seat of his red 2014 Volvo, Dan Smith looked in on the huge protest thronging Sixteenth Street in the Northwest quadrant of Washington D.C. on Friday evening, June 5. Through the windows, he basked in all of the energy, all of the caring, all of the great messages — like the “Black and White Lives Together” sign held by his wife, Loretta Neumann.

The protest, of course, had grown out of the killing of George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis. The gruesome…



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Martin Dobrow

Martin Dobrow is an author, journalist, and professor of communications. You can reach him at mdobrow@springfieldcollege.edu, or on Twitter @martydobrow.